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Main Page Tiny little Slug

One day a tiny leopard slug awoke from its slumber.

The grass was still moist from the morning dew, so it was a perfect opportunity too look around for food. Surrounded by this grassy area the slug was curious as to what it might find today for breakfast. It Passed by some dandelions, the slug was not interested. "Nah, not today" it thought, but a bright red fruit focused its gaze.

A strawberry, covered in small droplets of water. 'Woooah' thought the slug and headed towards it at a speed that only a stone might lose to.

The story for impatient players The slug is bored and is hungry for strawberries.
Go get that strawberry!

System requirement:

Minimum System Requirements (Floppy Version):

  • Unexpanded Amiga 500
  • PAL OCS Chipset (NTSC is not supported)
  • 68000 @ 7MHz
  • 512kB of Chip mem
  • No Fast Mem Required.
  • Kickstart 1.3 or higher

Minimum System Requirements (HDD Installation):

  • PAL OCS Chipset (NTSC is not supported)
  • 68020 @ 14 Mhz
  • Kickstart 3.1 or higher
  • 512 kB of Chip mem
  • 512 kB of other mem
  • 1500 kB of disk storage
  • (optional) bsdsocket.library (for online score)
  • (optional) CD32 gamepad

Minimum System Requirements (CD32):

  • Unexpanded CD32.
  • CD32 gamepad is required